Ahi Tuna Sandwich – Nordstrom Cafe

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I am a regular at the Nordstrom Cafe. This week, there is a special that I really like. I think it is one of the best specials in this cafe. Here are the ingredients on the menu:

  • Ahi tuna
  • Roma tomatoes
  • Wasabi aioli
  • Ginger sesame slaw
  • Brioche roll

There is an option of a side salad or chips. As always, I ordered salad and chose my favorite dressing: dark cherry balsamic.

I searched for the recipe of Nordstrom, but it is not available. I looked up a few sites and found that they are very helpful if you want to make this at home. Check out these recipes at FoodmusingsInstructables, and simplyrecipes.


I think there are a few important factors that made this ahi tuna sandwich so tasty:

  • The ahi tuna has to be very fresh, of sushi quality.
  • The ahi tuna in this sandwich is pan-seared.  It is very important to lightly sear the outside but let it “raw” inside.  Again, it is up to your own taste.  I requested it to be “medium rare”, and it was perfect for me.
  • The wasabi aioli is another key to the good taste. The quantity of wasabi that you use is according to your own taste. If you like it hot, add more. The Nordstrom cafe has made it moderately hot which is perfect for me.
  • Although some people think that you can use any type of bread, I think for this recipe, Brioche roll which has a rich and tender crumb is the best for making fish sandwich.

I believe you will enjoy the ahi tuna sandwich, whether it is home-made or served in the cafe.  I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t wait to share this with you.


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