My Published Cookbook

Update – August 10, 2014
I just realized that I need to update this page.  This little recipe book is now on and the e-book (which is free) is on iBookstore.  Please see the “About me” page .
December 6, 2013
Dear fellow bloggers, family and friends:
As some of you already know, this is my first book published and is available on the Bookstore.   Some friends have given me good reviews about it, and I am very grateful and encouraged.
I hope you will take a look at the Preview.  You can actually see all the 46 pages under Preview.   The e-book which is free,  is still being developed. 
Any comments or reviews will be appreciated. 

Click to preview Easy Chinese Home Cooking Recipes photo book

Easy Chinese Home Cooking Recipes

Food for Thought

By Denise Friendlytm


Easy Chinese Home Cooking Recipes
Easy Chinese H…
Food for Thought
By Denise
Photo book

I appreciate your comments

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