Fish Maw -A Delicious and Nutritious Dish,

Dear Readers: I have been very behind in blogging,  but I had worked hard these few days, in order to prepare for this delicious and nutritious dish.  It is my pleasure today to introduce to you a special ingredient:  fish maw.  So, what is fish maw? Fish maw is one of the precious traditional Chinese ingredients which are... Continue Reading →

Roast Pork: Two Homemade Recipes

My friend JL 's  Roast Pork Recipe: Ingredients: 3 lbs  ( 五花腩)pork ; fattest  portion. Use 四季雞粉 (1 bag) -- A special chicken broth  mixture or powder. Cooking directions Rub the powder to the meat only. Cover with foil except the skin. Put into refrigerator for 3 days Put into the oven, 450 F for half... Continue Reading →

Fried Salmon Head and Collar

This post is in response to fellow blogger Sybaritica's Notable Nosh: Grilled Salmon Collar. When I saw his post, I said, there aren't lots of meat there.  But he said "There’s actually quite a bit of meat in the head (a large one anyway".   I can understand this now, because my sister just cooked a... Continue Reading →

My South America Trip #18 – Chilean Cuisine: “Ode to Caldillo De Congrio ” by Pablo Neruda

"Chilean cuisine stems mainly from the combination of Spanish cuisine with traditional Chilean ingredients, with later influences from other European cuisines, particularly from Germany, Italy,France and the Middle East. The food tradition and recipes in Chile stand out due to the varieties in flavors and colors. The country's long coastline and the Chilean people's relationship with the sea adds an immense array of ocean products to the variety of... Continue Reading →

Mushrooms with Garlic and Oyster Sauce (My Recipe: My Best Dish)

Yesterday it was Thanksgiving Day in the United States. Although we often eat out when we celebrate, we usually stay home and cook on Thanksgiving. This year, as always, my sister cooked, for about 30 people. She cooked a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner. Although this is not a potluck party, I feel that I should contribute... Continue Reading →

Ahi Tuna Sandwich – Nordstrom Cafe

As I mentioned in my earlier posts, I am a regular at the Nordstrom Cafe. This week, there is a special that I really like. I think it is one of the best specials in this cafe. Here are the ingredients on the menu: Ahi tuna Roma tomatoes Wasabi aioli Ginger sesame slaw Brioche roll... Continue Reading →

Family dinner with style – made by my sister Sil

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my sister Sil is a great cook.  She loves cooking and entertaining.  I benefit a lot from her!  Our brother and sister-in-law came from Australia to visit us.  There were lots of eating in restaurants.  This was the only family dinner that they had, and who made this... Continue Reading →

Royal Peking Duck

When I was touring Beijing, China, of course I could not miss the famous Royal Peking Duck. Surprisingly, you can find a similar Peking Duck menu in many Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco. The one that we had last night was wonderful! It was served among a banquet menu in a high-end Chinese seafood restaurant.... Continue Reading →

This picture is a summary of my four posts of bitter melon. It also marks a milestone of my Blogging history. I am using the new WordPress app on my iPad for the second time to test out its effectiveness. I started to blog 3 months ago; created five active blogs..kind of, and a few... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Bitter Melon Recipe — Bitter Melon stuffed with Ground Pork, Garlic and Bean Sauce

Bitter Melon stuffed with Ground Pork I had published two bitter melon recipes.  This is the third one and my favorite.  In fact, I did not learn this recipe from my mother, but from a lady who was buying pork in a Chinese grocery market. I just bought some bitter melons, and was waiting to... Continue Reading →

Bitter Melon with Spare Ribs and Garlic and Bean Sauce

Bitter Melon with Spare Ribs and Garlic and Bean Sauce In one of my previous posts, I had posted how to cut and prepare bitter melon.  As many of you have not read that post, I am repeating some of the instructions there to help those of you who are not familiar with cooking bitter... Continue Reading →

Steamed Sea Bass

Q & A 1.   Q: Steamed fish? Hey, it is the easiest. No skills are needed. A: Many people do not even know that you need to employ some strategies in order to make a tasty dish of steamed fish. 2.  Q: Steaming is steaming...what kind of strategies do you mean? A: Well, it is... Continue Reading →

Steamed “Swimming” Shrimps

Steamed "Swimming" Shrimps Your immediate reaction is :  Do you mean fresh shrimps?  Fresh from the freezer?  Of course not, my dear friends.  I mean the shrimps that are still "swimming" in the fish tank in some Chinese grocery markets.   It is not always available.  Just last week, I happened to find these "swimming"... Continue Reading →

Traditional Chinese Bridal Pastries

Traditional Chinese Bridal Pastries In a traditional Chinese wedding, the groom's parents will give bridal pastries to the bride's parents, who distribute these pastries to family and friends before the wedding day to share their joy, and to celebrate the union of two beautiful persons.  It is interesting that people living in Hong Kong have... Continue Reading →

Sauteed Shrimps with Eggs

Most people think that eggs are only for breakfast.  I think eggs are very nutritious and should be considered from breakfast to dinner.   If you have kids at home, they would love this dish --sautéed shrimps with eggs. Ingredients: 1 lb of fresh shrimps 5 eggs (use organic eggs, if possible) organic coconut oil,... Continue Reading →

Longevity Peach Buns

The banquet will not be complete without desserts.  This banquet menu actually includes three desserts but I only feature this very special one here--"longevity peach buns".  Inside the buns are lotus paste.  The buns are in the shape of a peach, which represents longevity.   Usually, if requested, bigger restaurants will provide this special desserts... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Shrimps with Broccoli

The presentation of this dish is very beautiful, and the shrimps are also excellent in taste.  The back of each shrimp is cut open so that when it is fried, it will curl up like a butterfly.  That is why it is called "butterfly shrimp".   This is the last main dish that I would... Continue Reading →

Double-Boiled Whole Winter Melon Soup

This soup is a very famous Cantonese cuisine.  The inside of a winter melon is scooped empty to make an urn.  The inside is then filled with soup ingredients, such as herbs, ham, mushrooms, chicken, scallop etc.  The whole urn is double steamed for at least four hours and brought out to the dining table.... Continue Reading →

Baked Lobster with Ginger and Green Onion

I recently attended a banquet in a Chinese Seafood Restaurant.  The dishes were just delicious.  While I don't know how to prepare them, I would like to share with you how they look like so that the next time you go to a good Chinese Restaurant, you can order them and try them out.  As... Continue Reading →

Vegetables with Bean Curd Rolls and Ginkgo in Clear Soup

The second dish I would like to recommend to you is called "vegetables with bean curd rolls (or tofu skin)  and gingko in clear soup".  Clear soup here means chicken soup, like the canned chicken soup. The vegetables can be baby bak choy, or any other green vegetables.  Gingko is said to be very nutritious... Continue Reading →

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