Chinese New Year Banquet

Happy Year of the Snake! I wish all my readers and fellow bloggers a wonderful year of the Snake! I know some of you are really interested in Chinese (Cantonese) cuisine, particularly for those of you are living in an area where not too much Chinese food is offered.  Well, I am lucky to be... Continue Reading →

Durian Flaky Pastry, a Cantonese “dim sum”

This durian flaky pastry is a dessert I found in a new Cantonese "dim sum" restaurant yesterday. I never saw this before. I tried it, and wow! It was sooo tasty that I had to finish the whole piece instead of sharing with others. As durian is a fruit with a strong and special smell... Continue Reading →

Longevity Peach Buns

The banquet will not be complete without desserts.  This banquet menu actually includes three desserts but I only feature this very special one here--"longevity peach buns".  Inside the buns are lotus paste.  The buns are in the shape of a peach, which represents longevity.   Usually, if requested, bigger restaurants will provide this special desserts... Continue Reading →

Butterfly Shrimps with Broccoli

The presentation of this dish is very beautiful, and the shrimps are also excellent in taste.  The back of each shrimp is cut open so that when it is fried, it will curl up like a butterfly.  That is why it is called "butterfly shrimp".   This is the last main dish that I would... Continue Reading →

Double-Boiled Whole Winter Melon Soup

This soup is a very famous Cantonese cuisine.  The inside of a winter melon is scooped empty to make an urn.  The inside is then filled with soup ingredients, such as herbs, ham, mushrooms, chicken, scallop etc.  The whole urn is double steamed for at least four hours and brought out to the dining table.... Continue Reading →

Baked Lobster with Ginger and Green Onion

I recently attended a banquet in a Chinese Seafood Restaurant.  The dishes were just delicious.  While I don't know how to prepare them, I would like to share with you how they look like so that the next time you go to a good Chinese Restaurant, you can order them and try them out.  As... Continue Reading →

Vegetables with Bean Curd Rolls and Ginkgo in Clear Soup

The second dish I would like to recommend to you is called "vegetables with bean curd rolls (or tofu skin)  and gingko in clear soup".  Clear soup here means chicken soup, like the canned chicken soup. The vegetables can be baby bak choy, or any other green vegetables.  Gingko is said to be very nutritious... Continue Reading →

Steamed Whole Fish (Fresh Cod)

Fresh fish here means "fresh from the tank".  You can find fresh fish swimming in the tank in some seafood restaurants. It is important that it is served "whole" with head and tail, to represent the meaning of "beginning and end".  Only real "fresh" fish tastes good when steamed, and it is very expensive in... Continue Reading →

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