Dried scallops can be wet!

Sybaritica’s post has sparked my interest to post these two dishes which I made  with dried scallops.  The main feature of these two dishes is to present the scallops in a “classy” way.  The same principle applies:  steam the dried scallops till they become wet and soft.  Do not mix them up but leave them as a whole.  Place a few “whole scallops” on top of a dish of mushrooms or vegetables. Pour the sweet juice of the scallops on the top.  Present the dish like these to your guests.  They would enjoy them very much.

3 months of fruitful Blogging


This picture is a summary of my four posts of bitter melon. It also marks a milestone of my Blogging history. I am using the new WordPress app on my iPad for the second time to test out its effectiveness.

I started to blog 3 months ago; created five active blogs..kind of, and a few private and non-active ones. This is my only food blog. The others are about arts, travels, photography. Although I love arts more than cooking, I found the food blog most satisfying. I cook every day…almost. I took pictures of some of my products, wrote something, and unexpectedly I did have readers who liked my posts!

I have altogether about 245 likes, 58 followers so far. For a new blogger, that never did social networking or anything to promote my blogs, I am very happy of the outcome already.

I am extremely honest. I never liked something that I don’t like. I read posts with interest and sincerity. I commented whenever there was something that interested me. I am following those blogs which really interest me.

My passion is actually in arts, but I found that the interesting posts that I posted (I really think they are very interesting) are not as attractive to many readers than a simple dish that I made. I must say that I am quite disappointed in my arts related posts. I did spend much more time on my arts posts but they were not as welcoming as food!

My conclusion after three months of blogging: keep cooking, keep eating, keep posting. Arts is my passion, but food is my lifeline! Happy blogging, everyone!