About Love of Food

About this Blog:

Many of my family and friends are foodies.  I also like to travel, most of the time with family and friends.  From them, I learned a lot about eating, if not cooking!  As I am a lifetime learner, I always try to challenge myself learning and doing new things, either at work, or at leisure.  Cooking is not my expertise, but I like to buy and read cookbooks, watch Food Network channel, try new menu in restaurants and…I do cook!    

My most recent work project is Broadband Technology Opportunities.  Through this project, I have been inspired to start blogging (I know it is a late start)!  This food blog is my third one, which I intend to collaborate with family and friends.  We will be talking about some travel experiences, interesting recipes, movies (my food friends are also movie friends…), art of cooking, and posting some travel pictures that particularly showcase the food that we took during those trips.  I hope they will continue to support me and contribute to this blog.  I am not sure who will follow this blog.  If you do, I ‘d really appreciate it.  

To celebrate the creation of this food blog, I would like to share with you this beautiful photo that I took during a trip to Vienna some years ago.  The title of this photo is “Afternoon Tea”.  As many of my friends know, coffee and tea and desserts are a very important part of my life!



aka  friendlytm

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food.” 

George Bernard Shaw


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