Chinese New Year Dinner 2017, Year of the Rooster

“Kung Hay Fat Choy”! (Happy Chinese New Year)

Today is Chinese New Year.  Almost every year we have family dinner in a restaurant.  In my previous posts on the same subject, I had already introduced to you the dishes that had lucky meanings and special presentations.  This year, we had ordered four different dishes that I had not introduced to you before.

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  1.  Pig hands (not feet) with “fat choy” and lettuce.  The lucky auspicious meaning of this dish is “to get rich with additional wealth and monetary growth”.   This dish comes with peanuts as well.  Pig hands but not pig feet, because the Chinese name “hand” rhymes with the meaning of easy access to wealth. “fay choy” rhymes with “get rich”.   I’ve  got very good feedback from my guests including the young people.  They all love it.img_0047
  2. Crabmeat and fish maw soup:  See my previous post on fish maw.  It is a very nutritious and tasty dish.  It also has an auspicious meaning:  Gold and silver everywhere around the house. img_0052
  3. Abalone mushrooms with Pea Spouts (dou miao).  the auspicious meaning is “Gold pieces all over the floor”.  Vegetarians love this dish!img_0054

4.  Smoked Sea Bass:  This is not a traditional Chinese New Year Dish.  We ordered it because we all love this dish.  It is more expensive than the original “swimming” fish on the menu.  It is worth the money because it is so tasty.img_0059

I am keeping this post short and sweet.   I wish you all a very happy and healthy Year of the Rooster!

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