Hillbilly Tea at Louisville, Kentucky — What a Pleasant Surprise!

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Hello, dear readers:

First of all, I  must apologize for not posting on this blog for more than 2 months.   The reason was that I had been busy publishing my e-books.  I have altogether published three.  Please refer to my travel blog My Notebook and my 3 little e-books posted on Speaker Deck.  To add to all these…I had been extremely busy at work.

I was able to take a short “break” to Louisville last week to attend a conference where I did two presentations.  It was actually more work, but I had the chance to try out this hip tea house “Hillbilly Tea” which just opened its second tea house in Shanghai, Yes, Shanghai!  I hardly believe my ears when the server told me.   I wonder why a hip American tea house wold set up its second tea house in China.  Would it have business?  After trying its tea and a catfish sandwich (lunch menu), I think it will be accepted or welcome by the new generation of Chinese and expatriates living in Shanghai, which is very Westernized comparing to other parts of China.  In certain parts of Shanghai, it is actually even more trendy than many places in the United States.

Let us  first take a look at the pictures posted in a slide show above and a gallery below.

Now, tell me if you have fallen in love with this place!  Yes, I love it.  The decor is very down-to-earth, in warm vintage style, with tea and T-shirts mounted at the entrance.  See the Chinese characters on a T-Shirt:

Hillbilly Tea Shanghai (土包子茶酒馆)

Very interesting translation!

What about the tea and the food?  I tried the mulberry tea with whole berries and leaf.  My friends tried the big green ice tea (served in a wide-mouth container).  Most of us ordered the catfish sandwich.  We were all happy with both the tea and the sandwich.

Would I return?  Definitely, if I go to Louisville or Shanghai again.

If you are interested in looking at its other menu, please refer to its modern and artistic Hillbilly Tea official website

and many comments on its Shanghai location.

What is the rating?  I will give it 4 out of 5 stars.  Try it out yourself when you happen to be in Louisville or Shanghai.

I appreciate your comments

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