Family Dinner in our Family Restaurant – Crab and Lobster Noodles and more…

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Our cousin who came to visit from Australia, enjoyed very much the Chinese food here, particularly in a family restaurant which we called our family cafeteria!  It is not high-end like the other one that I recommended to many of you.  The presentation is alright …like 2 stars.  However, the taste is 4 stars.  I would say it is quite oily sometimes, but all the guys like it!  My cousin particularly wanted to eat crab and lobster noodles.  My sister ordered three dishes of crab and lobster noodles for him!  And …did you see the pork belly?  I know you like it!

Which dish did I like most?  Guess!  The green ones!  The hollow vegetables are particularly delicious.  The green beans are good but I prefer it to have less oil.

And we did have fish!  The fish which was swimming in the tank, was made into two dishes:  the fillet and the bones (fried with bean curb).

I know you are hungry…yum yum!  The price?  Around $150 for a table of 8, for seafood dishes like lobster and crab! Where else can you find such a good price?

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