What did we eat in Yunnan? — My Yunnan Trip #7

I just returned from a 9 days’ trip to Yunnan, China.  The trip was great, but not the food!  In fact, none of my previous China trips had food that satisfied me.  For some of my readers who don’t know,  I grew up in Hong Kong which has the best Chinese food.  Cantonese food is the best among all types of cuisines in China.  Therefore, traveling to China does not mean that there is good food.

In this Yunnan trip, I will only post these few dishes that may be more interesting to my readers.  The fish dish featured here is the best dish we had during this Yunnan trip.  Not only was the fish fresh, with no small bones.  It was also the best in its presentation.  We all enjoyed this fish so much that we asked the server what type of fish was that.  He said “it is called Wuhan fish”.   We had never had Wuhan fish before.   The presentation was like a peacock, was it?  As we were going to see the Dynamic Yunnan Show that night which featured the famous peacock dance by Yang Liping, I wonder if the cook specially decorated this fish that way in order to cheer the productions of Yang Liping. About the Dynamic Yunnan Show, see my post Dynamic Yunnan Show in my blog  “Falling in love…. with Arts.”


The second dish (not really on a dish) is the Kunming big  “Sha Wor”  fish head.  This was just like hot-pot throwing everything like meat and vegetables in.  I  prefer to have individual hot-pot like the ones we had in Szechuan before.  At any rate, we ate!  The good thing about this hot-pot was that there were lots of mushrooms.


The final ones that I would like to feature today are the cute little breakfasts prepared by the attendant of our “bungalow” where we lived in Lijiang.  There were noodles, congee, vegetables, buns, eggs, coffee or tea, tomatoes, fresh soy milk and fresh milk.  It was a breakfast of the Yunnan style, and it was home-made. Excellent.

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  1. These were the relatively good ones. The others were plain vegetables like tomatoes fried tomatoes, steamed eggs, tofu,clear soup, and very small amount of meat. Fish always had lots of bones except this one!

  2. Thank you, Rebecca. Hong Kong has the best Cantonese food . There is a saying 食在廣卅, which means in China, If you want to eat, go to Canton. Hong Kong is near Canton and HK is where the Cantonese people migrated to, during the time of the British Colonial days. Therefore HK has the best Chinese food. Canton is still great in Cantonese food especially nowadays when China is open for tourism. However ,Vancouver is the best of all places outside HK in providing Chinese or Cantonese food! Toronto is also good but Vancouver has more varieties! Should you need recommendations, I will ask my friends.

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