Chinese Banquet Menu


These nine dishes are currently on the menu of a Chinese Seafood Restaurant in San Francisco Bay Area.  I had previously posted them one by one with some descriptions,.  I am re-posting these pictures today, just to test out how the new tiled galleries help to enhance the presentation. As I mentioned in the Weekly Photo Challenge in The Notebook, defaulting to “display all your gallery pictures in a cool mosaic” as mentioned in the WordPress new post “streamline your photos with the new tiled galleries”. did not work very well here, as the dishes were displayed irregularly in sizes, no matter how big the images are.  Therefore I used the circle instead.  It is still not the best.  I am still assessing the new tool, and see how I can best use it in future.  Please stay tuned.  Meanwhile, enjoy the banquet!  Check out the captions by clicking each circle in the gallery,

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    1. You may like to check out my other post in My Notebook. I did a review of all the styles. I am tech advanced , ha ha!

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