Besides Turkish Coffee and Greek Desserts….

A while ago, family and friends took a trip to Turkey and Greece. Some of the photos are posted in another Blog. Today, I would like to share with your some of the dishes that we had during the trip.

The key ingredients used in Turkish cuisine are: lamb, beef, fish, vegetables like eggplants, beans, tomatoes. Greek cuisine and Turkish cuisine share some similarities, especially desserts like baklava, which are quite sweet for me. I did enjoy all of them.

I took a lot of food pictures, like many of my fellow bloggers, and no one queried me….because I was a tourist!!

Even now, I still enjoy looking at these mouth-watering dishes, and hope I will return some day, to appreciate the ancient cultures and beautiful art, as well as the delicious food and friendliness of the people in these two countries.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Posted above is a slide show of the food pictures. I have also included an image gallery here. Please click on any of the images in the gallery below, and you will see the pictures in carousel view. Enjoy!

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  1. Hi thank you for your comments. Indeed I am disappointed…about iPad. Luckily, the gallery still works. I did this slideshow and gallery for the first time. Found it cool! I went back and made changes to Sil’s dinner, and the Palace Hotel posts. Check it out.

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