Family dinner with style – made by my sister Sil

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As I mentioned in an earlier post, my sister Sil is a great cook.  She loves cooking and entertaining.  I benefit a lot from her!  Our brother and sister-in-law came from Australia to visit us.  There were lots of eating in restaurants.  This was the only family dinner that they had, and who made this dinner?  See the eight dishes on the big round table ?  My sister made them all.  I took all the close-up except the soup.  So, you may only see 7 close-up pictures.

The eight delicious dishes are:

Roast Pork

Vegetarian dish with black fungus ,  and different types of mushrooms

Fish with bacon, mushrooms and green onion (on a “fish” plate)

Pak Choy

Hairy squash stuffed with pork

Roast Duck

Vegetarian dish with bead curb skin, thousand-year-egg, and ginger

Carrot soup boiled with spare ribs


Below is an Image Gallery with a full sized Carousel view.  Please click on any of the images, and you will see the images in carousel view.


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