Royal Peking Duck


When I was touring Beijing, China, of course I could not miss the famous Royal Peking Duck. Surprisingly, you can find a similar Peking Duck menu in many Chinese Restaurants in San Francisco. The one that we had last night was wonderful! It was served among a banquet menu in a high-end Chinese seafood restaurant. In the formal peking duck menu, only the skin will be served, with Chinese bread, “hoi sin” sauce and green onion. The meat is usually served separately in a duck dish sautéed with vegetables. Sometimes, the host will order to have the bones of the duck be boxed home. You can use the bones to cook soup or congee. Very fatty? Use a drainer to drain off the fat from the soup. I will not care for this because it is very fatty. Believe me, it is however very very tasty! Enjoy!

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  1. It means only the Royalty will be able to taste this dish, as if it were made in Beijing. It is just a name created by the restaurant to show how good this dish is. Thank you for stopping by.

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