Steamed Sea Bass


Q & A

1.   Q: Steamed fish? Hey, it is the easiest. No skills are needed.

A: Many people do not even know that you need to employ some strategies in order to make a tasty dish of steamed fish.

2.  Q: Steaming is steaming…what kind of strategies do you mean?

A: Well, it is the timing as well as the steps that your need to observe. Alright, let us start.


One whole fish …sea bass. Ask the fishmonger to clean the fish for you, and cut the dish head. But get back the fish head. Don’t waste it.

Green onion two pieces. Chop into small pieces

Ginger: just a few thin pieces. Cut into strips.

Cilantro : a small bunch.


1.    Clean the fish with water.

2.    The fish head should be put aside for later use. You can freeze it or fry the head and then freeze it for future use.

Fried fish head and To Fu can make a very tasty and nutritious soup.   When there is a chance, I will post the soup ‘s

recipe later.

3.   Dry the fish with paper napkin.

4.   Put the fish on a plate and then put it in a pan or wok filled with boiling water.

5.    Cover the wok with a lid. Steam the fish for …how long?  As long as the fish!  If the fish is 15 inches long, steam for 15  mins.  If it is 10 inches long, steam for 10 mins.  Got it?  Yes, but why?  Because the fish will be the best if it is “just cooked”. It won’t taste good if it is too cooked.

6.    When the fish is just cooked, take the dish of fish out from the wok. Pour away the water in the dish, because the  water smells fishy, and you don’t need it.

7.   Put a table-spoon of oil into the wok.  Add ginger.  Let it cooked till it turns golden color. Then add the green onion.

8.   Sauté the ginger and onion mixture, and pour the moisture over the fish, which looks very shiny now with oil on the


9.   Add three tablespoons of soya sauce, one tablespoon of sugar, and half cup of water,  into the wok.   Let the mixture boil.

10. Pour the soya sauce mixture over the fish.   Garnish with cilantro if you like.

The fish is now ready for dinner.  Serve with rice, either jasmine rice or brown rice, but not fried rice.  Fried rice is usually fried with soya sauce.  You will not be able to enjoy the fresh taste of the fish with fried rice.  Some people like to eat the fish without rice.  Just follow your own likes and not dislikes.

Love it?  Definitely.  Try it out and let me know how different it is comparing to the other steaming methods!

A fellow blogger asked me that it looks like only fresh fish is better to steam than previously frozen fish.  I said definitely! However, not everyone can have easy access to “swimming” fish or even so called “fresh fish” in supermarkets.  The fish that I featured here was not fresh from the sea or the tank.  It was however not previously frozen.  Therefore it was still considered very fresh, and was very tasty.


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  1. This seems to accord with the best of the steaming I methods I have seen for whole fish, but I particularly appreciate the minute per inch rule. I don’t cook with whole fish very often as they are not easy to come by where I live. It seems to me that steaming as outlined above absolutely requires the freshest of fish to achive good results… previously frozen ones won’t cut it 🙂

  2. You are absolutely right! The freshest fish will have the best results. Recently I had the pleasure to taste a fish fresh from the sea , as it was fished by a friend. It is the best of the best. The swimming fish in the tank of the market or restaurant will be the second best. Of course frozen fish is better to fry. However, this is my own standard only. For those who do not have the luck to try the best, I am sure you will still be happy with the frozen fish. Try to steam one with my method and let me know.

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