Steamed “Swimming” Shrimps

Steamed “Swimming” Shrimps

Your immediate reaction is :  Do you mean fresh shrimps?  Fresh from the freezer?  Of course not, my dear friends.  I mean the shrimps that are still “swimming” in the fish tank in some Chinese grocery markets.   It is not always available.  Just last week, I happened to find these “swimming” shrimps in the tank of a marketplace.  It is very expensive though, about $22 per lb.


One and a half  lb of  “swimming” shrimps

And nothing else!


  1. Bring a big pan of water to boil.
  2. Wash the shrimps with water and drain.
  3. Put the shrimps on a plate and then place the plate in the pan to steam for about 10 mins.
  4. Take the plate of shrimps out, and let them cool a little before you start to eat.

As they are really fresh, you don’t really need soya sauce or hot sauce etc. to eat with the shrimps.  Just remove the shell and eat.  Wow!  It is really worth it…to pay a higher price!

The reason why I do not boil them in water is that, the fresh taste of the shrimps may be lost.  It is better steam them so that the fresh taste still remains in the shrimps, and will not be lost in water. If the shrimps are bigger, you may take a longer time to cook.  Just take a look.  If the shrimps turn reddish in color, that means they are done.

Please compare this dish with the other two shrimp dishes that I posted previously.  You will notice a huge difference in the preparation work.  “Swimming” shrimps are much more expensive, but you don’t need too much time to prepare.  The problem is that, these “swimming shrimps” are not always available.


Here’s a picture again of the two previous dishes and the links to the recipes.

Put the shrimps on a plate and

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    1. Believe me, it is soooo tasty. In Canada, if you go to Toronto or Vancouver, I am sure you will find a good Chinese seafood restaurants that have these shrimps swimming in the tank.

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