Pan Fried Wild Salmon with Sauteed Tomatoes and Green Onion


One piece of wild salmon steak, about 1.25 lb

Tomatoes:  5

Green Onion:  2 stems

Chopped fresh ginger:  1 tbsp

Crushed garlic:  1 tsp

Organic coconut oil:  1 tbsp

Organic raw sugar:  2 tbsp

Soya sauce:  1 tbsp

Water:  half cup


1.  Wash the salmon steak and dry with a paper towel.

2,  Use a pan to fry the salmon steak.  Put in oil, and ginger and fry the salmon in high heat for about 3 mins.  Turn to the other side, also fry in high heat for 3 mins.  Turn down to medium heat and fry the salmon for about 10 mins, or until both sides are brownish.

3. Take the salmon steak out from the pan.  Let it stand.

4. Cut the tomatoes into large pieces.

5. Cut the green onion into small pieces.

6.  Heat the garlic in the pan, add the tomatoes, and stir fry.  Add sugar, soya sauce and water.

7.  Let the tomatoes mixture boil.

8.  Add back the salmon steak to the pan on top of the tomato mixture.

9.  Cover the pan and let the salmon steak simmer in the tomatoes for about 2 mins.

10.  Add the green onion, and turn off the heat after a few seconds.

The wild salmon steak with tomatoes and green onion is now ready to serve on a dish.  Arrange the tomatoes and green onion mixture on the top or the side of the salmon.  The salmon steak is now moist and tasty in tomato sauce.


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