Sauteed Shrimps with Eggs

Most people think that eggs are only for breakfast.  I think eggs are very nutritious and should be considered from breakfast to dinner.   If you have kids at home, they would love this dish –sautéed shrimps with eggs.


1 lb of fresh shrimps

5 eggs (use organic eggs, if possible)

organic coconut oil, 2 tsp (This is only my own choice.  You can substitute with other types of oil.  Remember some oil are not suitable for high heat.)

dash of salt (use kosher salt, if possible)

dash of pepper

1 large garlic, crushed


1.  Peel and remove the black vein from the back of the shrimps.  Wash in salted water.  Drain  and dry them with a paper towel.  An easy way to remove the vein is to use a pair of small scissors to cut a small hole at the back of the shrimp, and take the vein out with the scissors.  This time,  I did not cut along the back of the shrimps.   If I did, the shrimp would have turned into a butterfly like the shrimp dish in my earlier post.  This is actually not difficult.  I didn’t do this because I want the shrimps to remain in their “original” style, that goes better with the eggs.

2.  A very important step to make the shrimps taste fresh: marinate the shrimps with 1 egg white.  There is a special way of getting egg white from the egg without messing with the egg yolk.  Break one egg in the middle,  splitting the egg into two halves.  Use a bowl underneath to hold the egg white while you pour one half of the egg to the other half shell and repeat with the other half.  Repeat this action several times, till the egg white is completely separated and flows into the bowl.  Put the egg yolk that remains in the egg-shell in another bowl.  Add the shrimps to the bowl with the egg white, and leave the marinated shrimp aside for at least 15 minutes.  If the shrimps are fresh, you don’t need to add salt and pepper.  Otherwise,  add a dash of salt and pepper to the marinated shrimps.

3.  Beat the remaining 4 eggs plus the other left over egg yolk in a bowl until they blend.  Add a dash of salt if you like, but I usually leave it unsalted.

4.  Heat the pan and add 2 tsp of organic coconut oil, which is good for high heat cooking.

5.  Add the crushed garlic to the oil, and begin sautéing the garlic for about 10 seconds till you smell the garlic in the air.

6.  Add the marinated shrimps to the pan and do not start sautéing yet.  Place the shrimps on one side and let them fry in the oil for about 10 secs.  Then turn to the other side and fry.  When both sides turn brownish (because of the egg white),   begin sautéing.... “non-stop”….. 

7.  Use one hand to saute, and use your other hand to put the egg mixture into the pan.  Continue to saute the shrimps and egg mixture till the eggs are “just” cooked.  Both shrimps and eggs must not be overcooked.

3.  If you have not added any salt or pepper in steps 2 and 3,  quickly add a dash of salt and a dash of pepper, and turn off the heat.  One easy way to avoid too much salt is to pour the salt into your hand which filters the amount of salt steadily.  Well, my hands are immaculate!  Make sure that yours are the same!  I advocate that you leave the salt and pepper till this step, in order not to intake too much sodium.  This is your healthy choice.  However, we are all different.  You should modify according to your own taste and desire.

As the egg white and the egg mixture will tend to stick to the pan, if you are slow in the sautéing movement, they will all stick to the pan and you will get probably half of the amount of the eggs which remain in your dish.  That is why it is important to observe the steps above involving quick sautéing movement.

The process seems very simple, but it actually requires skills that will improve with practice!  The method of frying one side first and then the other side, before you start sautéing, was taught by my beloved mother who is now in heaven.  She would be very proud of me if she knew that I am writing this blog, as I am the youngest spoiled child in the family.  I will continue to publish some of the recipes using her methods which are self-taught and unique!

Please try out this dish and let me know if you are successful.  Remember No.2 and No. 6 above are the “secrets” of success of this dish.


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