Ladies and Gentlemen: Do you know how to eat Mango like a Lady or Gentleman?

Summer is here.    Great!   It is Mango’s season again!  Yum, yum!

My next post is about a mango recipe that I “invented”.  Stay tuned to view that one.

Before I post that “new invention”, I want to guess how many of you know how to eat a mango?  It is not surprising that many of you will say, hey, it is easy, just strip it like a banana and eat!  I searched the internet last night and got a kick out of it.  There are quite a number of clips telling viewers if you want to eat a mango, go to the sea and eat the mango there.  If you mess up, just wash with water and clean up yourself!

Other clips instructed the viewers very carefully of a very common way of eating mango.  The mangos featured in those clips are mostly big mangos, probably grown in Mexico.  The ones that are more tasty, in my humble opinion, are the Manila mangos.  Those are yellowish (like those in the photos above), with a hard central stone, and juicy aromatic pulp.  They are smaller, and therefore even making it more difficult to cut.  The pulp is usually not as much as those big mangos.  But they are more juicy, succulent, and sweeter.

So, ladies and gentlemen:  Tell me if you want to eat a mango in a nice manner without having the juices all over your hands, what would you do?  Perhaps you would say, why would I care?  Yes, why should you care if you are eating it at home.  Go to the sink and eat there, so that you won’t dirty the kitchen floor or your dining room.  This is not my life style…standing at the sink and eat?  No way!

I think you should care if you are invited as a guest to a party where the host uses a whole mango as dessert and expects you to cut it yourself.  You should also care if you dress up and don’t want to mess up your beautiful dress. Oh, well, if you don’t go to parties like that, and you are eating your mango at home, you still want to keep your dining area clean instead of messing it up with a juicy mango!

When my sister Sil and I were very young in our teenage years, we always wanted to pretend we were older girls.  We wanted to be ladies.  So we learned about certain etiquette in social activities.  One of the things we learned was how to eat a mango ladylike!  Isn’t that interesting?  I think it was a very good intent at that time.  But very few young people nowadays really care.  Now, I am going to share with all of you, and see if you want to try it out.   I still want to be a lady!

This is a mango placed on a nice plate.  You are invited to eat this mango.  How should you start?  Ok, ask for a knife and a spoon if they are not  placed on the dining table.

The picture below shows the most common way of eating mango.

Cut the mango into three sections.  Use a knife to lightly cut the pulp of the two sides  into a checker box pattern, but do not cut off the skin.  Flip the right section so that the  mango emerges in pieces of cubes.  You can easily remove those mango cubes onto your plate by scooping them with a spoon, or eat them by holding those cubes close to your mouth. Then you work on the left section, in a similar manner.  Finally, hold the middle section, and peel the skin and eat the pulp.   Now you find that your hands have become very messy, because you have to touch the pulp and the stone in order to eat this section of the mango  Juices are dropping from the mango …everywhere.  This is not too bad, and is the most common way that people eat their mangos.  But this is not the best way.  There is a way that you will not even need to touch the mango with your hands apart from touching the skin .  Let’s begin!

The above picture shows the best way of eating a mango, with a knife and a spoon.  And you are eating like a lady or a gentleman!

The mango is placed on a plate like the other one.   Use a knife to carve out a “window” (like in the picture) removing that part of the skin.     Now it looks like a shallow well.  Dip your spoon into the well, and scoop out the pulp directly into your mouth, till all the pulp on this side of the mango is consumed.  You can continue to eat till your spoon reaches the hard stone in the middle.  Finish all the pulp.  Don’t waste any.

Now, flip to the other side of the mango.  Mind that you hands only need to touch the skin of the mango.  Repeat the same procedure.  Carve out a “window” removing part of the skin.  Scoop out the pulp with a spoon. Now you will find that the skin is still intact on both sides,  except the “window”.  By the time your spoon touches the stone in the middle,  it means all the pulp is consumed.  Your job is done!  Congratulations!

Try this method out please and let me know if this works for you.

Please stay tuned for my new mango recipe on my next post.

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