Fried Rice with Mango and Chicken


Rice : 3 cups of cold cooked rice.  Normally white rice is easier to fry.  Recently I also added some brown rice.  If you have not cooked brown rice before, don’t use it, because it is important to know the quantity of water to be added to the rice in order to make the rice cooked at the right texture that you want.

Pulled Chicken:   3 cups of cooked pulled chicken (pulled by hand, and not cut by knife)

Mango:  5  mangos cut into pieces/slices

A big clove of garlic, crushed

Light Soya Sauce:  1/4 to 1/2 cup soy sauce (to taste)

Green onion:  one to two long stems, chopped

Oil:  Use the oil that  you regularly use for cooking.  Olive oil is fine. But don’t use high heat with olive oil.


1.  If your meals include rice regularly, always reserve about three cups of cooked rice in the refrigerator, so that you may use them if needed.  For fried rice, it is better to use cold rice because hot rice sticks together and won’t be too good to fry.

2. If you don’t usually eat rice, but you want to try this recipe, perhaps the easiest way is to buy some white rice from a Chinese restaurants.  Chill it in the refrigerator for one night.

3.  For pulled chicken, the easiest way is to get some chicken left overs from your previous meals.  Pull the chicken into small pieces, and freeze them for future use.  I would be happy to buy a Costco chicken, as the chicken breasts are very yummy and there are lots of meat.

4.  Cut the mango into small cubes (read my previous post,” how to eat a mango like a lady or a gentleman”).  5 mangos will only make about 3 cups of mango cubes.

5.  Cut the green onion into small pieces

6.  Heat up your pan (wok is better), and add a tbsp of oil.

7.  Add the garlic and fry till it turns brownish.

8.  Add the cold rice, and saute continuously.

9.  Add the chicken pieces, and saute.

9.  Add soya sauce, and saute.

10. Add the mango pieces, and saute.

11.  The final step is to add the green onion.  It is very important that the green onion should be raw and not cooked.  When it is cooked, it will turn yellow.

The fried rice with mango and chicken is now ready to serve.  As the mango is so naturally sweet, it brings out a sweet flavor into the fried rice.  You can use pineapple the next time instead of mango.  Pineapple fried rice is considered a special menu, only available in high-end Chinese restaurants.  You won’t find it in a Chinese take-out.

Of course, nowhere will you find  fried rice with mango., except here.   Try it out and let me know if you like it.

Key to success:  cold rice, pulled chicken (pulled by hand) and not cut chicken pieces,  ripe mangos which are juicy and succulent, raw green onion, and cooked crushed garlic. 


I appreciate your comments

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