Shrimps boiled in 7-up

Boiled Shrimp in 7 Up

7-up shrimp sauce

 I heard about this recipe recently from my sister’s friend, and did some modifications myself.  The result was fantastic!  We used to boil shrimp (with shells on) in boiling water and then use soya sauce and/or hot sauce to eat with the shrimp.  With this 7-up recipe, there is no need to use any other sauce, because the shrimp itself is already very tasty after the cooking.  If you like, pour some of the 7-up shrimp sauce and dip your shrimp into the sauce to get an enhanced flavor.   I think this recipe was originated from the Philippines, as I found some similar recipes on-line.  Yet there are some little secret ingredients here to make this my very first DenRecipe!  Try it and let me know the outcome!

DenRecipe of Boiled Shrimp in 7-up 

This recipe is as easy as ABC, and the total time to prepare and cook the shrimp takes only about 5 to 8 minutes! 


1 lb of fresh shrimps (with heads and shells on)

1/2 cup of 7-up soda

1/2 cup of vinegar (any type of vinegar)–secret ingredient

A teaspoon of coconut oil (organic virgin)–secret ingredient


Clean the shrimp and cut out the sharp edges.

Put all the 7-up, vinegar and oil mixture into a big saucepan and cook it till it boils.

Put the shrimps into the boiling liquid, and cover the pan.  

Boil for about 5 mins till the shrimps turn red.

Take the shrimps out, and put them on a plate to cool.

Optional:  Pour the 7-up shrimp sauce into a small bowl for dipping of the shrimp as you eat.  It is actually not needed, but some people may have this preference.  Try the shrimp with or without the sauce and see which one you like more.

Of course, needless to say, remove all the shells and heads before you eat!


7 thoughts on “Shrimps boiled in 7-up

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  1. Looks yum yum. What a unique combination of ingredients. I definitely will try it. Now I have the chance to open my jar of coconut oil!

    By RubyRed

  2. Just saw a lady I know mention she made this for her Dad and I found your post. Looks interesting to me! Not a fan of shrimp in beer so I will try this method. Do you boil down the liquid to make a nice sauce for dipping?

    1. Thank you for your interest on this recipe. No need for any sauce. The shrimp is very sweet already . But some people like to add on their own, hot sauce. And the sauce you mentioned is also good. Modify as you like to fit your own taste.

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