Cafe Sacher Wien and the Original Sacher-Torte

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All my friends know that coffee is an important part of my life.  Wherever I go, I need to get some coffee.  To me, it is not the quantity nor the quality that matters, but the lifestyle.  When I looked back at my trip to Vienna some years ago, the most enjoyable treat to myself was no doubt the original sacher-torte in the Cafe Sacher Wien, served with one of the Viennese coffee specialities.  I took a few photos there, which showed the decor and delicacies that my friend and I enjoyed that afternoon at the Cafe Sacher.   I was “thrilled” to be a guest there in my tourist outfit, whereas most patrons were well-dressed.  I just enjoyed being casual while I was traveling, and wanted to treat myself to an original sacher-torte, the world’s most famous chocolate cake.

Here’s the story of this most famous chocolate cake in the world:

“In 1832 the cake that started it all, the iconic Original Sacher-Torte, was invented by Franz Sacher, then a 16 year old apprentice at the court of Prince Metternich. The Torte, which some call the “first popular chocolate cake in the world,” is made up of layers of dense chocolate cake, spread (always by hand) with apricot jam, and iced with dark chocolate. Each year, the Hotel Sacher produces over 360,000 Original Sacher-Tortes for distribution around the world. Since the recipe is kept a secret, nowhere else is this rich—yet not overly sweet—dessert available, except in a shop in northern Italy.
In 2009, Elisabeth Gürtler of Hotel Sacher introduced the “Artists’ Collection”: 1,000 Original Sacher-Tortes packed in a traditional wooden box designed by a well-known Austrian artist. This year, the Artists’ Collection box was designed by iconic Austrian artist and professor Christian Ludwig Attersee. 100% of the proceeds go to local charities. To order an Original Sacher-Torte, or the Artists’ Collection, go to

The cake itself is best enjoyed with a generous helping of Schlag (whipped cream) and one of the Viennese coffee specialties. And most importantly: be sure you have plenty of time to savor every single bite.”

I hope you also enjoy this video clip posted on you-tube:

Original Sacher-Torte video

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